Computing Cyber Security Live 2019


It's no surprise that cyber-attacks have risen to the top of the agenda for companies and nation-states. Over the last decade we've gone from password cracking to machine-learning, ransomware, and industrialised hacking. Cyber Security Live is the insight you need to develop a sharp focus on the strategies and tools needed to withstand the next wave of cyber-threats.


Keeping one step ahead of the attacker is essential to stay safe - your actions need to be preventative rather than reactive. You need to know who the opponent is, what they want, and how they're going to get it. Your cyber-security has to be an applied intelligence strategy: anticipate, adapt, defend.


But what will you do when the adversary has hidden themselves within your server? A well-designed bot using military grade technology to tirelessly probe your defences with endless patience. They're already in, a singular or multiple attack, watching and waiting for their chance. Do you really know where your vulnerabilities lie?


These threats are on a different scale, you've bought a human to a bot-fight. Attacks are unprecedented in both output and automation, cunningly stealthy and cleverly crafted. With our increasing reliance on automated detection and mitigation systems, are we becoming over-confident in automation? AI and APT scanners are only as good as the data they are fed and one error could prove fatal. Whether human or bot, all attackers will seek out the gap that you forgot.


In cyber-security hindsight is not a wonderful planning tool, if you're not prepared you're going to find yourself seriously hindered. Computing are hosting this event to:


  • Inform CISOs and other IT professionals about future threats
  • Help them predict and prepare for these threats
  • Implement an excellent cyber-security solution without breaking the budget

Computing's Cyber Security Live will discuss all of these topics and more. The conference is an excellent opportunity to gain practical tips through sharing and reviewing peers mistakes and experiences.


Through a variety of expert key-notes, end-user case studies, and panel debates the event will cover the key issues surrounding cyber-security, how to implement the best solutions for your business, and how to raise and adopt cyber-security and risk management awareness within your personnel.